It’s funny the things we seem to resist have the most power behind them.

This past month has been a rollercoaster for me, one which has called for slowing down in order to reconnect and achieve greater alignment to my purpose and how I am to serve.

The idea that EVERYONE has unique gifts was one that used to play on my mind a lot, particularly BEFORE I had no conscious idea of what my gifts were but alas, I chose to BELIEVE those little words held some deep truth and promised myself I would figure out how they applied to me.

My path over the past few years has been interesting to say the least. I have certainly tried to practice what I preach, continue to invest in my own growth and development and come back to heart rather than letting fear and my mind feed me untruths that keep me living a life far less than what I am capable of living.

Being a coach and intuitive does not mean I’m perfect and without my own challenges. What it does mean however is I am fully committed to my own growth and am always endeavouring to come back to the ultimate source of power and wisdom – within.

If you have followed me for a while, or maybe only for a short time you’ll know I’m about the INNER WORK, external solutions are illusions and treating a symptom is never a cure for ANYTHING.

What’s even more powerful to understand is that until you learn what you need to in any given situation the pattern and circumstances are going to repeat themselves again and again. This is why so many people suffer and tolerate things that do not bring them joy, health, happiness, wealth and unprecedented amounts of JOY because they do not WAKE UP to see the lessons, patterns, beliefs and programming at play and subsequently they fail to see growth opportunities.

I watched the new Tony Robbins documentary ‘I Am Not Your Guru’ a few days ago and something he said right at the start was something I wished many more people understood… that was that he decided what kind of life he wanted and then set out to CREATE IT. Whether you resonate with his teachings or not, it really is about the inner work. That’s where the GOLD IS. That’s where your GOLD is.

For so long the inner work has been my foundation for helping others transform the stuff keeping them living in the town of ORDINARY, of the SAME OLD, of HOW MOST PEOPLE CHOOSE TO LIVE which is just going through the motions.

But there has also been a particular word I’ve somehow tried to skirt around in terms of how I express myself and the work I’m here to do – spirituality – because I know for some it all seems a bit woo woo and crazy, believe me, I GET IT.

For so long I felt I had no idea what spirituality was. I thought meditation was only for weird people wearing orange, I thought oracle cards were pretty much a crock of shit, and basically that some people were just luckier than others…. But I have reached a point where I need to claim that this is the area where my superpowers reside and the foundation of my INNER KNOWING that everyone can live an incredible life, one without limitation and fear.

And so, as the next stage of my own path unfolds I am choosing to JUST BE ME and EXPRESS MYSELF UNAPOLOGETICALLY. I feel my services and offerings will change in due course to be in alignment with the most powerful way I can help others heal and transform to become the greatest versions of themselves they can be.

The only way to achieve true healing and to create a life on our terms is to disconnect from the illusion of “reality” and connect back to ourselves becoming brutally honest about what is working in our lives and what’s not. You get what you tolerate. You want better, move the bar up of what you are willing to tolerate.

If you resonate with what I’m about and feel an inner pull to make change in your life I’d love to invite you to book in a no-obligation time to chat and see if working with me is something that can help propel you forward, you can apply here.

With loads of love

Kate x