In a society that seems so focused on finding a cure and terrified of someone we love, or even ourselves, being ‘struck down’ with some horrendous form of illness I’d like to suggest thinking that health is nothing more than a lottery draw is really disempowering.

This train of thought may seem radical, however I TRULY BELIEVE one of the most foundational root causes of dis-ease is unhappiness and un-fulfilment.

Many people do not know what it means to truly love themselves, they do not value themselves, they are not honest with themselves about where they are at and accordingly they don’t go after the life they really want because they don’t think they can have it.

They are so disconnected from who they are and their power that they react to their life circumstances instead of creating them.

Let’s just think about it for a minute. How can you be thriving physically if you’re holding onto any kind of past pain or trauma? How can you be radiant and glowing if you are forcing yourself to go to a job you hate every single day because you tell yourself you don’t have a choice, that it’s just what you have to do?

How can you physically thrive if you are always putting other peoples’ needs and agendas ahead your own? How can you be energised and excited about life if you feel like your life has little purpose or meaning? How can you be truly healthy inside and out if you are keeping yourself in a box always too scared to say how you really feel or do what you really want to do because you’re worried about what other people will think?

The answer is, you can’t!  

To create fabulous health inside and out and not live with any fear about disease you have to be living in alignment with who you really are which is a magnificent creator.  And can I say, the VERY FACT YOU ARE HERE, IN THIS PHYSICAL BODY IN THIS PHYSICAL WORLD IS A MIRACE IN ITSELF.

Your body wants to SERVE YOU. It wants you to be WELL and THRIVING but it cannot do that if you don’t acknowledge your own magnificence and the power you were innately born with.

EVERYTHING, including GREAT HEALTH starts WITHIN. There are no external cures for not looking within and for not working from the inside out. NOTHING. ZILCH. ZERO. I don’t care how much fundraising is done, the source of REAL POWER is WITHIN individuals.

TO BE YOUR BEST and create the HEALTH, WEALTH and HAPPINESS you want in your life you HAVE TO BE WILLING TO LOOK AND WORK FROM WITHIN. You are not a victim in ANY CIRCUMSTANCE unless you choose to be.

The majority of people in this world still appear to be unconscious around this. Many continue looking for external solutions and for apparent easier solutions.

So many people are so tightly focused on what is happening ‘out there’ instead of truly focusing on the ONE SOURCE OF POWER, CURES, HEALTH, WEALTH and greater levels of JOY, HAPPINESS and FULFILMENT – WITHIN.

It appears too many people have no idea who they truly are and live their life simply by going through the motions. Doing things that other people tell them they should do. Taking care of their obligations. Being responsible. Keeping themselves grounded in ‘reality’ rather than letting themselves learn how to truly EXCEL AT BEING THEM.

Let’s face it, you can’t be truly healthy and empowered when it comes to your health if you are not living your higher purpose, tapping into the full creative potential within you and having a greater reason for living. You just can’t.

When you are living in that space life is harder than it has to be. There’s a sense of struggle, of exhaustion, of helplessness, of just trying to make it through each day and week. This isn’t exciting, exhilarating and there’s little sense of freedom and optimism. No wonder people are sick and the rates of chronic diseases and cancer continue to rise.

While there are many pillars of achieving great health I want to make it clear I’m definitely not saying nutrition, movement, mindfulness, meaningful connections, purpose, passion etc. don’t come into the equation when it comes to great health. What I am saying however is that when you are not in alignment with who you are, the whole process of LIVING IS harder… and what you are doing to achieve success in these areas is pretty much like pushing shit uphill. It’s not easy, it’s not fun, it’s not light, it’s not exciting and therein lies the dilemma and real problem.

But granted, it is much easier to think of true health as being something out of your control and in some ways dealing with disease when and if it happens to you (because remember in this space you’re actually not empowered).

But here’s the thing, becoming empowered when it comes to your health is a statement of self-worth, of self-love, of KNOWING YOU WERE BORN TO THRIVE.

It is so much easier to think that being struck down with some kind of dis-ease is out of your control, that it’s like a lottery draw but instead of being the winner, you’re the unlucky one. What’s satisfying about that scenario?!?!?!

There are MANY PROFOUND and wonderful teachers in this world who share similar thoughts about health. Louise Hay (author of many great books including You Can Heal Your Life and Heal Your Body), Bruce Lipton (stem cell biologist and the best-selling author of The Biology of Belief), Dr Lissa Rankin M.D. (author of Mind Over Medicine), Shakti Gawain (author of The Four Levels of Healing) and Inna Segal (author of The Secret Language of Your Body and The Secret Life of Wellness) these are some of my favourite teachers in this space of EMPOWERING YOURSELF WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR HEALTH.

There is a HUGE correlation between a person’s emotional / mental and psychological state and their physical state and I simply won’t buy into anything that says there isn’t.

You always have a choice. Choose to empower yourself.

With love

Kate x