The only reason you are not right now LIVING YOUR DREAMS is for so long you’ve been standing in your own dam way.

It ALL comes back to what you believe, what you have chosen to believe and what you are CHOOSING to BELIEVE NOW.

YOU ALWAYS have a choice. Even when you don’t think you do. Even when everything is going to the shit and you feel you are helpless… You can always CHOOSE to SHIFT your energy, your mindset, your perception and your focus.

Success is a choice. Having energy is a choice. Spending your days doing more of what lights you up and makes you feel ALIVE is a CHOICE. Surrounding yourself with positive people is a choice. Being a freaking MILLIONAIRE starts with a choice.  How you decide to show up every single day IS A CHOICE.

You think that tomorrow will be the day you’ll be more motivated to move your body, or stick to that meal plan, or make better decisions, or have more energy or be more kind to yourself… and yet tomorrow always seems to roll around and it plays out exactly the same as yesterday.

Stop kidding yourself about WHEN you’re going to actually make the changes you want. Stop fooling around saying tomorrow, one day or someday. The clock is ticking. Your time is NOW and unless you make a different choice TODAY, then sorry, things are NEVER GOING TO CHANGE.

If you want a different ending to YOUR STORY, YOUR LIFE and YOUR LEGACY then the only CHOICE is to MAKE A DIFFERENT CHOICE NOW. Not tomorrow. Not one day. Not when the kids grow up. Not when you have more time. Not when you have a perfectly mapped out plan. Not when you have more energy. Not when you feel more inspired. NOW.

And let’s get one thing straight can we?! I am not a BALL BREAKER. I simply want you to understand your POWER to CHOOSE. To CREATE WHATEVER YOU DAM WELL PLEASE, but to do so you have to SET THE INTENTION and THEN, and ONLY THEN, does the HOW become clearer.

And there’s one more pivotal thing to understand… ALIGNING ENERGY FIRST TRUMPS ACTION. When you try to take the action without ALIGNING YOUR ENERGY it feels HARD, you feel the RESISTANCE, you are relying on things like WILLPOWER and MOTIVATION to reach your goal instead of the POWER WITHIN YOU to CREATE WHAT YOU WANT purely because you DECIDED YOU WANTED IT, ALIGNED YOUR ENERGY and then TOOK INSPIRED ACTION that ALMOST FELT TOO EASY.

WE humans seem to like to do things the HARD way. We push. We pull. We prod. We torment ourselves. We hold ourselves ransom.

But I get it. It’s easier to make EXCUSES than to make different CHOICES. It’s easier to just sit back and keep struggling, keep complaining and keep wishing for something else and yet not take the action that will see it come to fruition.

Stepping out into the unknown can be freaking scary. It pushes your buttons.  And what’s even scarier is HAVING THE BALLS to believe you were DESTINED FOR WHATEVER KIND OF SUCCESS AND LIFE YOU DECIDE. But you know what I think is even scarier than having the balls to declare the changes you want and start going after them? Not even scraping the SURFACE OF the LIFE YOU ARE CAPABLE OF LIVING out of fear and living a mediocre existence when you could instead be living a much GRANDER one.

I used to tell myself all kinds of excuses and disempowering stories. They kept me stuck. They kept me small. They kept me from making REAL change, they stopped me from growing, they stopped me learning, they stopped me trusting my own opinions, they stopped me from following my heart and they were stopping me from BEING ME.

Isn’t it time you got out of your own way? Isn’t it time you actually did SOMETHING to create the things you wish existed?

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step, just GET OUT OF YOUR OWN DAM WAY.

Said with love,

Kate x