For so many years I had a terrible relationship with my body and it’s still far from perfect.

I was caught up in the world of ‘should’. I should exercise. I should get outside. I should be able to stick to a routine. Why can’t I just be like others who love to exercise?!

I was also caught up in the world of ‘I wish’. I wish I could get more excited about exercise. I wish it didn’t feel like it was SUCH HARD WORK. I wish I had more willpower. I wish I was just more motivated.

Here’s the slap, the words ‘should’ and ‘wish’ are disempowering. The first relates to acting out of obligation, the second relates to a circumstance which you feel hopeless to change and neither aligns with creating the results you ultimately seek.

Saying I ‘should’ go exercise feels uninspiring, heavy and like such a bloody drag. We aren’t giving ourselves any choice about whether we want to go do it or not, we’re just forcing this horrible thing upon ourselves. When we act from a place of obligation its most definitely not aligned to a place of inspiration, flow and pure brimming desire and joy and it WILL FEEL FREAKING HARD!

The word ‘wish’ implies that you have no power and that this thing you want is out of reach when the fact of the matter is you CAN CHANGE whatever it is in your life that doesn’t feel good. You can’t wish for something and leave it up to fate, or chance, or luck because that’s not taking responsibility for bringing about change you are ‘wishing’ for.

As Jim Rohn said in one of his audio tracks I listened to recently, ‘the same wind blows on us all’. We can’t wish for something and take zero action and realistically expect it to happen unless we are kidding ourselves. Wishful thinking is like a hope you’re not prepared to put your skin in the game for. It’s like saying I want to change but I’m not prepared to take the responsibility required to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Taking action is however of very little action if it doesn’t feel light and exciting. The fastest way to anything you want is to focus on how you feel and the path of least resistance… which basically means you want to focus on EASE and FLOW.

If you know you’ve used one or both of these words at some stage either silently or aloud, don’t be hard on yourself about it. For many of us, it’s our conditioning. It’s how many of us were TAUGHT to act and behave.

We are taught that in order to get ahead, to achieve that body we desire or the level of fitness we want it comes at the price of hard work, determination and forcing ourselves to do shit that doesn’t ultimately feel good to us. But the real secret is, when you’re struggling or acting from a place of should there’s not much good that can come out of it because you are not energetically aligned to that which you are wanting.

The secret to starting to enjoy exercise and wanting to move your body is to let your feelings guide you. To give yourself ultimate freedom and choice to decide what is right for you, what feels light, exciting and energising INSTEAD OF thinking of it in a fear based way, where if you don’t exercise you’ll gain 10 kg’s or some other fear based motivation.

Exercising from a place of ‘should’ is not a long-term strategy and you’re setting yourself up for failure. When you raise your energy, even if it’s by starting to change the way you think about your life and body in general, you’ll be inspired to take the necessary action to get you the results you seek in a way that FEELS GOOD.

I now see exercise and moving my body as a way of demonstrating I value myself and my body, and when I do tune in and move in a way which FEELS good, not worrying about what I ‘should’ be doing is when I feel my best.

Let how you want to FEEL guide you not what you tell yourself you ‘should’ do…Way more powerful and productive.

Here’s to letting feelings and good vibes lead the way to reach optimal health and wellness.