When you decide you aren’t going to settle for average or the same old way of doing things there’s one part of you that feels exhilarated, energised and invincible but there’s also another that feels scared and has no idea how you are going to pull it off.

At this point all you know is you were destined for something bigger. It feels like you’ve finally realised people create their own luck via the quality of the thoughts, images and beliefs they hold in their head and now you want to live this way too.

It’s around this time you also realise there’s no one responsible for the quality of your life except you.

When I began to have a better idea of who I was and what lit me up I felt like something had been sparked within me. I pretty much felt like I’d flicked a switch that could now never be turned off…

Old me versus new me.  The old version had no idea who she was lacking confidence, self-belief and self-awareness. The new version was not only a little wiser but also felt more empowered to take charge in order to rise up.

But I think it’s important to realise it isn’t all roses when that flick is switched. In-fact it can be the opposite. You’re now on this heightened, accelerated path of personal development in order to reach that goal and become that person you know you were destined to be and in the process you’re having to navigate a lot of unchartered territory.

And these words remind me of another string of words I heard recently which were “you don’t become a millionaire to have millions of dollars, you become a millionaire for the person you have to become to have millions of dollars”.  BOOM!!!

When you decide NOT to settle anymore you’re most likely following your heart for the first time in your life. You’re trying to keep being brave enough to follow your gut. You keep reminding yourself it will all work out, even when in the ‘real’ world where most of your friends and family live there is nothing to say that it will…

All you know is there’s a fire in your belly. An unrelenting whisper that you were born for more and that you can have it and so there’s no real question in your head about if you will “MAKE IT” it’s just a matter of WHEN…

You see, when you’re going after something that really matters to you it’s critical you are prepared for the ups and downs that come along with fine tuning how your passion and purpose collide with making money in order to get by in the “real world”, a process which often takes patience and perseverance.

I know if I didn’t feel a solid WHY within me it would be far easier to chuck it all in and try to go back to an old version of who I was… But with a solid WHY even when you’re up against the challenges, your desire to succeed remains… Because that old way of living wasn’t that great either and the only possible way to move is UP.

We are all naturally programmed to expand towards our highest potential, just like a flower which is programmed to bloom. The difference between us and a flower however is we have freewill meaning we can choose to resist what we’d really love to create, we can choose to struggle and we can choose to stay unaware of the real power that lives within us.

It is for this reason it feels so bad when we know there is more but feel like we’re stagnating or as though things aren’t aligning exactly how we want them to be or as fast as we’d prefer.

Does this mean you should stay living in a life that doesn’t fill you up because it’s hard to go after what you actually want? No, most definitely not but what it does mean is you need to get proper support around you because there will be challenges, there will be ups and downs and having someone that can keep you aligned to your truth and source of power is pretty much priceless.

When difficulties set in come back to YOUR WHY because without this one thing at the forefront of your mind you may be more inclined to shrivel back into the ordinary, to tell yourself you’re never going to get there and quit but honestly walking away from your WHY is just not something I think is even possible to do once that switch has been flicked within you.

Once I tapped into a greater reason for being some part of me thought it would be smooth sailing but the truth is we are constantly faced with new challenges. You must continue to work through them knowing you WILL come out the other side and bloom, just like the flower does in divine time.

There is no such thing as an overnight success, we’re all imperfectly perfect works in progress and as long as you are consciously trying to be your best and are committed to your own personal development there is no such thing as failure.

If going after dreams and doing your bit to help change the world was easy, everyone would be doing it. Stay grounded in your why. Stay solid in self-belief. You CAN absolutely accomplish great things and WILL come out the other side.

With love

Kate x